About Us

   Carolina Soap Works is a family owned and operated business located in Newberry, South Carolina.

   At Carolina Soap Works, we developed our own goat's milk soap recipe and process using fresh goat's milk along with high quality natural oils. Our recipe creates a rich, creamy lather with excellent moisturizing qualities directly related to the natural ingredients that results in a long lasting bar of soap.

   Our goat's milk lotion uses pasteurized goats milk combined with high quality natural oils and preservatives which produces a light, soft and smooth lotion.

   We started out as a hobby – offering our soaps and lotions as gifts to family and friends. It didn't take long before we began receiving requests from “friends of friends” asking for our soaps and lotions. With the love and support of our, now extended, family and friends we took the next step in taking our soaps and lotions to the local artisan market, Soda City, in Columbia, SC. With Carolina Soap Works success at the Soda City Market, we have been invited to other farmer's markets and local events around the state.

   Living in the city prohibits us from owning goats, however we have the distinct pleasure of traveling to Anderson, SC to purchase our goat's milk from Split Creek Farm.


Kayla Sansom, Owner and Operator